About Bunnie Bows

Having 2 girls I am obsessed with pretty things and love putting bows in their hairs. Both my kids were blessed with long thick hair (something they did not inherit from their mammy unfortunately) so it makes their hair easier to dress.

I am originally a qualified hairdresser and I loved it I still do, making people feel good when they get their hair done is really special. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with MS and was unable to keep up with the pace of busy salon life. I stopped working for a while and concentrated on being a full time mammy. As amazing as that is I felt I need to be doing more sitting at home not doing much is not good for anyone's mental health and it certainly wasn't good for me so I need to keep my mind occupied and that is how bunnie bows started. I have gone back to work not as a hairdresser but a few hours every week and then when the girls are in bed I usually get back to bows and more.

This is my escape and I love it creating different things for all personalities is amazing and I absolutely love it.

I will always try my best to suit everyone just message me and we can create what you are looking for.